Thursday, 19 May 2011


Well, some of the exotic seeds have started coming up, several different colours of Butterfly Vine - Double blue, lavender and white, some more Loofahs, Woad and Indigo (dye plants for my collection, I already have Weld and Alkanet.
The allotment is all rotavated and we have peas in as well now. Friday we should be able to get some cabbages in, for us and the chooks who adore Greyhound cabbage. The ex-batts can strip a cabbage in 20 minutes. The two bantams are both broody, one is sitting on 2Araucana eggs and the other was sitting on ---nothing, so I tucked two Nankin eggs under her, she was quite happy about that and pushed them further underneath her feathers. Today when they went out to eat, they came back in and swapped nests, strange creatures. Maybe we will get chicks, maybe not.

The first pic is Lavender Araucana chicks, the second Nankins.

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