Friday, 15 July 2011

Treadles, hand cranks and chickens

I am in the process of finishing off a treadle which is going down to London. I had to reveneer the top because the lady who is buying it is very fussy. She wants it as the centrepiece in her new sewing room, so it is understandable, but perfect treadles just don't exist. All of them need some attention and she didn't want any bits of veneer missing, so it has been a long haul.

Hopefully the finished product will be suitable for her. I have to rewax the foldover top, finish oiling the iron legs and wire brush a few patches of rust, respray the flap hinges, machine hinges and catches for the drawer assemblies, then put it all back together. Then I have to take pictures and send them to her. I will be glad to get this one out of the way.

Then I can fiddle about with the treadle plate on Sarah's little cabinet so that can go down to Devon. My Singer industrial treadle is also going to Devon to be used for quilting. Sarah has a lot more room than I do now, and all the treadles will look nice in her sewing space, especially when she has workshops. It will be nice to have more space in the dining room so I can use the other 3 treadles in there which are rather cramped at the moment.

I bought two new hand cranks at Saddington car boot on Sunday, a Jones Popular VS electric in silver grey, with it's cute little carry case and a Jones no 53A hand crank also a VS, this also had a case, but it needs some work. The handle is missing and thee are two holes in the sides and a lot of paint to remove. The machine itself is in good condition. I intend to have a play with these next week.

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