Thursday, 17 November 2011

New sewing machines

On Monday we went to our local auction and spotted several sewing machines, one was a treadle with an unusual machine in it. I checked the serial number when we got home and the machine is a Singer 206, the first zigzag machine made by Singer, and not electric. The machine dates to 1951 and has the Singer blue Centennial badge on it. I looked it up on the internet and found a review which said this model and the 306 and 319 should never have been made. I already had a 306 and love the chunky retro style and its cams for fancy stitches, that machine is electric. I decided to buy the machine and got it for the princely sum of £10.

I posted a message on ISMACS (International Sewing Machine Collectors Society) asking for opinions on the machine. All of the replies were positive and it seems the 206 is quite a little workhorse. With an industrial motor, they sold as industrial machines with no other modifictions. I will post some photos when I have taken some.

In addition, I bought a German hand crank (£18, more expensive than the treadle), absolutely stunning and in great condition. This one is to be cleaned up and put on eBay. The name 'New Silent is on the arm of the machine. I am trying to get some information from ISMACS as to the manufacturer. So it was a good week for machines. 

I put a 201 treadle on eBay yesterday. I sold 2 vintage typewriters on eBay tonight. I have another straight leg treadle to restore for next week with a Singer 15 in it. Treadles seem to be selling quite well on eBay at the moment. The extra money will come in handy for Christmas presents and the MOT for the car.


  1. Congratulations on your new machines at lovely prices! The handcrank sewing machine is just beautiful. I hope it plays as nicely as it looks. Looking forward to seeing the other one when you get a chance to post pictures.

  2. I have just posted about another new treadle. I will post some pics of both after Christmas.