Tuesday, 11 January 2011


Dave our neighbour gave us some plywood already cut to size to make a shed, although we are having the old one as well in case we want to get more chickens. The weather has been either wet or snowing which has really held us up, we were hoping to have the chickens by the end of last week, but Dave says no rush.

Phil has nearly finished the shed, we had 2 dry days which enabled him to get quite a bit done. I have to staple the wire mesh to the window and Phil make the nest box. The roof needs felting today and the shed painting. Sometime today we will pick up some posts for the run and a drinker from Regency Poultry. Hopefully we can get the chickens moved tomorrow. The weather is horrible, really windy and wet, fortunately Phil can make the nest box in his shed.

I have stapled the wire mesh on the window, painted the shed with cuprinol black ash, shaped the perch and felted the roof. Phil has nearly finished the nest box, just the partitions and lid to do. The window frame needs to be made tomorrow, I need to felt the lid of the nest box to waterproof it and I need to paint the nest box which will be green as I ran out of black ash. Two tone chicken shed, lol. It is actually beginning to look like a chicken shed and was much improved by the paint and felt. I really hope it will be done tomorrow, we can pick up the posts and start on the run in the afternoon as we didn't bother collecting them today. Chicken moving day tomorrow night. I will take some photos and post them tomorrow evening.

We went to Regency Poultry and bought a drinker and also had a look at their baby black micro pigs, so sweet, but £200 each. You can keep them indoors like dogs, wonder what the cats would think of that. Full grown they are just below knee level, about 12 - 14 inches high.


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