Monday, 17 January 2011

Happy Chickens

The chickens are quite happy and settling down in their new home. The first couple of nights Rocky slept on the floor, now he is using the perch, they  manage to all get on there, although we are putting in an extra one to make it more roomy as it's difficult for the last chicken to get on the perch.

We finished the wire round the run today although we are short of some wire mesh so used a couple of old doors temporarily just so they can get out in the fresh air. We bought some shade mesh to cover the top of the run to stop them flying out. When we let them out in the rest of the garden we will clip their wings but it's not necessary right now. The shade mesh is only secured on the four corners until we finish it tomorrow, but we wanted to let them out. Phil opened the shed door and grabbed the chickens and put them out in the run, they are noisy birds, but once out they settled down to a little pecking and grass eating from the clumps of grass I put in the run. We had to open the shed door again to get them back in as they're not used to the pop hole yet, hopefully they should start using that tomorrow. We have a few odds and ends to do but not so much of a rush for that and I still haven't taken any photos.

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