Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Autumn evening

The nights are drawing in even quicker now. This afternoon has been very wet with driving rain. we went into Claybrooke to buy straw for the animals and went to our nearest town, Lutterworth for some groceries. It was just before 6 when we got home and it was nearly dark. Lowering skies, ragged clouds and rain soaked landscapes all combined to make the early evening like night.

We rushed to close up the animals and feed them before it was quite dark. Fortunately I have electric lights in the rabbit sheds. Poor Phil was out feeding and watering the chooks with only his headlight to pierce the gloom.
That done it was indoors for a cup of tea and cream muffin before I settled down to photograph a sewing machine to put on eBay.

I have put a variety of goodies on eBay this week as I don't have a knitting machine ready to sell. I listed some Toyota knit tracer patterns, machine knitting books, some washed fleece ready to card, some punchcard packs and 2 sewing machines.

The Singer 12 machine I put on yesterday has a bid already, and 18 watchers, not bad for 24 hours. Now I am off upstairs to card some cream shearling Leicester Longwool fleece ready for spinning tomorow. It seems as if everything is accelerating towards Winter and life is accelerating towards some as yet unknown change.

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