Monday, 26 September 2011

Spinning and knitting

I have been trying out the chunky handspun Jacob's Fleece on various knitting machines to see which works best.



The Bond I bought at the auction on Thursday actually knitted OK but I don't think the machine will be able to knit handspun for long. The Singer Designer 2 wouldn't knit it at all, but the Brother Chunky KH260 knitted it quite well and I think with wax on the yarn will work much easier.


I decided to knit myself a chunky jacket from the Jacob's Fleece, and I will knit this by hand to give it that handspun/knitted look. I have enough spun to knit a tension swatch and start on the back, but need to card some more fleece over the next few days.

I carded some cream Leicester Longwool a few days ago and spun some this morning. The fibre is beautiful and soft, shearling from a sheep called Maddie. It spun up well, I could get it quite thin with not many slubs. I tried spinning it uncarded and it was no more difficult than the carded.

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