Sunday, 19 December 2010

Christmas coming too soon

I bought an electric Hague linker at the local auction last Thursday, picking it up tomorrow. It doesn't look as if it has ever been used. Today I have been making tensions squares on the chunky Brother knitting machine. First one was grey pure wool chunky. Because I replaced the sponge bar it is a bit difficult to push the machine with chunky wool. I think I will have to rewind and wax the wool before I use it for a sweater. I plan on using the gray to make a sweater for Sarah for Christmas, with a dark red band of Fairisle above the ribbing on body and cuffs. It should look quite nice. I also have a chunky beige to make Casie a similar sweater. I will post some pics when I have finished them.

I have a nice heather colour yarn in DK (I think). I'm using that to make a cardi for Rowan. All these yarns came with the chunky machine so haven't cost anything. I hope to be able to spin some wool but need to get these sweaters finished before Christmas.

I have been trying to reveneer a treadle top but it is not easy. I think it will be OK in the end but there is a lot of work involved as it looks as if someone tried to saw off part of the top so I also have to fill in the saw cuts. The veneer I have is not quite wide enough, I think I left one of the sheets down at Sarah's when I took all my woodworking stuff down to repair a case. I will have to find it Christmas if we manage to get down there.

The forecast seems a bit uncertain. It is - 9 here tonight, possibly colder, that was at 7pm when I fed the bunnies. I am back to defrosting their bottles twice a day again. I brushed 3 of them today in number 2 shed. We don't have as much snow as London, only about half an inch.

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