Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Christmas presents

Finally the Christmas soap is all finished. Now I can concentrate on making Christmas presents. Lots of spinning, knitting and crochet in the run up to Christmas. Casie's scarf to finish with a matching hat. Rowan's pram to repair and make bedding for. Sarah wants a book on sheep.

I also have to spend time with the bunnies, they have been a bit neglected lately because of the amount of time spent soap making and restoring sewing machines for sale. I cleaned out number 1 shed today and noticed Thistle was walking a bit oddly. I took her indoors and brushed her and trimmed her claws then put her down on the floor.She was walking as if her hips were a bit stiff. I'm hoping it's down to the recent very cold weather followed by damp weather which rabbits hate. I will increase her green stuff and bring her indoors every day to walk around, hopefully this will ease the problem. I have read up on rabbit joint problems and they can be caused by damp conditions. They can also get arthritis and other joint problems. Apparently you can give them glucosamine like humans, cats and dogs. If it doesn't improve next week I will take her to the Vet's.

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