Wednesday, 1 December 2010


I haven't posted for over a week now as I haven't been doing much except making soap. I have been getting up at 7am the last 3 days to get some spinning done. This morning I finished a whole spool of Leicester Longwool. Then I thought I would try spinning the Angora. The last time I tried I couldn't do it, it kept slipping and not gripping. Today it spun straight away, a little thick and not terribly smooth, but I can do it. I 'm so pleased, Now I can get the 2 bin bags of Angora down from the loft and start using it. I want to make Rowan a hat for Christmas and then a little coat in the chinchilla colour.

I have made soap the last 2 days to try and get the Christmas orders done, and I will make it every day this week, 20 blocks in total to take down to Sarah's on Saturday. We are going to the ISMACS Christmas lunch Saturday in Tooting. I haven't been there for many years, used to go through Tooting Bec on the way to my Gran's in Mitcham.

I have finished re-veneering the Singer 99 sewing machine base which I started last week, it has turned out quite well. I stained it this morning. I have another one the same to do. I am also repairing the base of a pretty Frister & Rossmann Transverse Shuttle sewing machine. The machine needs quite a bit of cleaning, the underneath is rusty although not seized. I have taken the needle bar apart for cleaning already. Unfortunately the handle on the case is missing and I don't think I have another the right size or shape. This one will be going on eBay. I have several very pretty German TS machines to restore, I can't decide whether to sell them down in London or on eBay.

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