Tuesday, 14 December 2010


I haven't posted for a week or so, too busy making soap for Christmas. Now that is all done I can concentrate on making Christmas presents.I will be spinning a lot in the run up to Christmas.I also have a wooden pram to repair for my Granddaughter Rowan for Christmas. The pram hood and dowels were damaged but it is an esay fix. I just had trouble finding the right size wooden beads for the dowels. I finally got some a few weeks ago.

I have to spend some time cleaning and brushing the bunnies as I haven't spent much time with them lately due to the soap making. Thistle is having problems with walking, she keeps slipping sideways, it looks as if her hips are a bit stiff. It may be down to the cold weather over the last 2 weeks and the damp this week. She was fine last week before the really cold weather and it has been very damp today. I will keep an eye on her

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